Mich Sako

My name is Michal Forejt, but I've been on the internet for quite a few years under the name Mich Sako. I originally started out as a YouTuber, which I still am, but over the years I've had a lot of opportunities to push myself and improve my skills. Some of my biggest achievements are my YouTube career, where I've managed to accumulate tens of thousands of fans, my streaming career and my work on the football app Sportlito. I've had the opportunity to work with big companies like RedBull, Puma and T-Mobile. But right now my favourite project is DGG Esports, where I work as a manager, ambassador and content creator. My goal is to make DGG Esports a well-known team, both for its results and its image.

Michal Forejt, 11.9.2002 , CZ



Petr "Lauty" Lauterkranc was born on September 8, 1999. He used to play in top teams such as eXtatus, Fnatic, Sampi and Enterprise. He represented the Czech Republic at the Intel World Open 2020 (a tournament supported by the International Olympic Committee). Lauty is historically the most successful Czech Rocket League player and we're glad he belongs to the #dggfamily!

Petr Lauterkranc, 8.9.1999 , CZ

Rocket League

Maybe Next Time

My name is Apostolos Verros, i am Greek and I play Dota 2 under the nickname "Maybe Next Time". I started playing Dota over 10 years ago and continued with Dota 2. My greatest successes include 2nd place in Boston Major 2016 with Ad Finem and 3rd place in WESG 2017 with Team Hellas. Some of my favorite heroes are Bounty Hunter, Mirana, Earthshaker and Enigma.

, GR

Dota 2


I started playing FIFA in 2009, but I haven't been playing competitively until FIFA 20. My greatest achievements include TOP 100 in FIFA 20, 2nd place at Big Shock Cup in FIFA 21, 3rd place in the Slovak FIFA Pro League and 3rd place at Alienware Open Air (2v2) with FC Martin. Apart from that, I play football professionally and I am an avid Barcelona fan. Visca El Barça!

Jiří Jičínský, 28.10.2002 , CZ


FC Martin

My name is Martin Hrabina and I play FIFA under the nick FC MARTIN. I was born on 10.12.2005. My first fifa was FIFA 15, but I've been more actively involved since FIFA 19. My greatest successes include winning the FIFA Pro League, 2nd place at the Championship of the Czech and Slovak Republics, winning the monthly final of TPG + several placements in the TOP 3 in Czech tournaments, I also managed to get into the TOP 200 of the world in the Weekend League 2 times. This year I managed to win 70 matches in a row and as of 11.4.2022 I hold the record in the Czech republic.

Martin Hrabina, 10.12.2005 , CZ



My name is Samu, I am also known as MTD. I started playing Dota in 2012 after receiving an invitation and since then I've been actively playing. I reached leaderboards pretty fast and started to play competitive tournaments as one of the first in the finish scene. In the European leaderboards I reached top 40 on May 2022. After placing 3rd 2 times in the European DPC and once 4th, our goal is to reach the 1st division this season.

, FI

Dota 2


My name is Mathias and I play the 3 position for the DGG Esports Dota 2 team. Before comitting to Dota, I used to play Heroes Of Newerth when I was younger, which eventually died out, so I moved to Dota. In Dota I have only been playing on/off for some years, since I attended the university at that time. But now that I have finished my degree, I have time to fully commit to Dota and I am very excited to see how far I can go!

, DK

Dota 2

Lil pleb

My name is Stoyan "PLEB" Kostov and I play Dota 2 professionally for DGG. I am 22 years old and I've been playing Dota for over 10 years. Only in the recent years i've decided to pursue my hobby as something to do as a pro. My biggest achievement is DPC DIV II TOP 3 placement. Besides that, I've played in each DPC league so far with moderate success. I'm also a part of the Bulgarian Dota 2 national team. I would say I am very adaptive and I bring a lot to the team.

, BG

Dota 2


My name is Oleh Kvasha and I play Dota 2 under the nick Lodine. I started playing Dota 1 when I was 11 years old (around 2006-2007). I started watching competetive streams after TI1 (The International 2011). Then I started to look around for some teammates, who I found around 2015. I play at support role from the very beginning of my Dota career.

Oleh Kvasha, 10.10.1995 , UA

Dota 2


I play Dota 2 for over 9 years now and my coaching career started in 2020. Since then I've been coaching different teams, but now I am looking forward to a new challenge here in DGG!

, UA

Dota 2


My name is Kryštof Altmann and I was born on January 7, 2005. In games I perform under the nickname "Alty". I started playing Rocket League when I was 11 years old. However, I did not stay with it for a long time and I started playing it actively only at the age of 15. I've been on teams like: iNvolute, NecroRaisers, Team Universe and at the moment I'm honored to be able to play for DGG Esports. My greatest achievements include: 3rd - 4th place at Hitpoint RL ShowMatch, several online tournaments won, 2nd place at predator 3v3 Cup, 4th place at the international tournament Esportovnia, 4th place at Grunex Masters #1 and 3rd place at Grunex Masters #2. At the same time, I managed to get to the highest SSL rank in all three ingame playlists.

Kryštof Altmann, 7.1.2005 , CZ

Rocket League


My name is Tomáš Kubín, I play Rocket League under the nickname Bloody and I was born on 26.07.2005. I've been playing Rocket since March 2016, but it wasn't until 2019 that I joined the community and started playing Czechoslovak tournaments. In the meantime, I've played on various esports teams, like Team Universe with Alty and Marcek. In this composition, we managed to take 2nd place in the Predator 3v3 Cup. Our biggest success is 4th place in the international tournament Esportovnia. I also managed to get 2nd place in the Logitech Biohazard 1v1 Cup, 4th place at Grunex Masters #1 and 3rd place at Grunex Masters #2. In the Rocket League ranking, I was able to hit SSL in all modes (1v1, 2v2 and 3v3).

Tomáš Kubín, 26.7.2005 , CZ

Rocket League


I started playing the NHL in 2013, but I've had a few long breaks in the first couple of years. I've been playing competitively since 2020. Among my greatest achievements I would include dominating the 6v6 Rivality league 3 times, winning the most productive player of the 4th season of Rivality with a record 192 points and winning the Alienware cup 2 times. I used to be an ice-hockey goalie in real life for 13 years in real life.

Jakub Možný, 1.2.2002 , CZ