Ritzy: I want to be TOP 3 CZ/SK


You've been in DGG for over half a year. How would you evaluate your work in the organization so far?

In terms of results, I am relatively satisfied. I wanted to show what I am able to achieve and so far I am quite successful. The atmosphere in the organization is great, I had no communication problems since the beginning. This has definetely improved a lot compared with the organization I've played for before.


Once you have bitten your previous organization - you have met there your current teammate FC Martin, with whom you reunited in DGG. How are you co-working with him now?

We have known each other for a long time with Martin, so it was much easier for me to join DGG when he was already here. Team chemistry works very well, we prepare for matches together, we train together, but at the same time we talk about a lot of other topics that have nothing to do with Fifa. That is why we form such a strong pair together.


We all know that you are actively playing FIFA, but what is your relationship to real football? Do you play it professionally and what club is your favourite?

I have been actively playing football for over 15 years, at one point I played in the youth division. I've been always playing the striker position and I've been a loyal Culé (Barcelona fan) since I was born basically.


A big portion of this FIFA season is gone. How would you rate this year so far?

Compared to FIFA 21, I like the use of time finishing, which increases the skill gap in the game. On the other hand, AI defending is too OP in the game, which in turn reduces the skill gap. But FIFA 22 is quite fun for me and it's an interesting year in which no major crisis has come to me so far, which I consider a good sign.


What are your ambitions for the rest of the season?

There aren't many officially confirmed tournaments yet, either way at every other tournament my goal is clear - I want to finish in TOP 3 regularly.