Ritzy: I want Mbappé and Cruyff in my FUT team for the first tournament.


FIFA 23 is just around the corner. Which of the new features are you most looking forward to?

The new FUT moments mode will be added in the game. The developers seem to have had a lot of fun with it, and I think it could bring FUT to life a bit.


The teamwork system will be overhauled in the new game. Do you see this as more positive or negative?

I can't say yet if it will be better or worse, either way we will have to learn something completely new.


After a few months without regular esport tournaments, we can expect them to return as soon as FIFA 23 is launched. What are you most looking forward to and what will be your ambitions?

I'm most looking forward to the biggest tournaments, such as Sazka eLEAGUE. The championship of the Czech Republic which takes place in Brno is also coming back, which I have high hopes for. My ambitions will be the highest, which means placing at the very top of the CZ/SK scene.


You will go into FIFA 23 with a good portion of FIFA points. How will you use them and which top three players would you like to bring into your team for the first weekend league right away?

I'll leave some points for drafts, but most of them I'll use to open packs right at the start. I would definitely want Kylian Mbappé and ideally Cruyff or Neymar to go with him - it will depend on how much I will make from the packs.


What advice would you give to other players who won't have FIFA points? How to make coins to build the best possible team right from the start?

Definitely try trading. There are plenty of methods. And if you can manage to play semifinals of drafts regularly, that's a great way to get a bigger budget.