Móža: Czech NHL esport players are capable of competing with the world's best players.


You've been playing for DGG for almost half a year. How would you evaluate your work in the organization so far?

I have to say that I am very satisfied with DGG. We are perfectly taken care of. When I need to, I have the opportunity to play from a special gaming room with my manager, which I take as a big plus. However, I have not managed to get a great result in HUT so far. On the contrary, we have become champions in the 6v6 league for the third time. Plus, I had the most canadian points in the group stages, so I can't complain there.


You used to play hockey at a fairly high level. Who did you play for and why did you end up switching from a hockey stick and skates to a controller and monitor?

I started my career as a field player, but in a relatively short time I became a goalkeeper, where it suited me much more. In the 4th grade, I moved, primarily for ice-hockey, from Jaroměř to Hradec Králové, where I played for 6 years. I have had a number of both team and individual successes, unfortunately I got injured. Specifically, I tore my groin and never managed to get back to the pre-injury level, both physically and mentally so I decided to retire. Suddenly, I had a lot of free time in the evenings that I needed to fill somehow, and since I had enjoyed the Playstation before, I started playing NHL.


How do you like this year of the NHL series, or NHL 22? Is it better than the previous one?

First, we need to divide NHL 22 into two parts, Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) and EASHL (3v3 or 6v6). I would rate HUT rather positively, although some players will disagree, for me it is the first year in which you can see that the developers are really interested in the game and they try to listen to the community to change or improve the game. Where I see a problem this year is EASHL, although the graphics of the game have been improved, the gameplay is still lagging behind after several updates, which was not a problem last year.


What are your ambitions for the upcoming NHL 23 season?

One of the main goals for me next year will be the EHL. This year I take as an introduction to the whole league and its process, but the next one has to start better from the selection of the team and finish at the top of the playoffs. In 6v6 mode, we want to keep at least the same level as the last 2 years, preferably to move it even further (if it is still possible). I'd also like to play at a LAN tournament, but we'll see what happens next year.


How do you think Czech esports is doing in the NHL? Are we competitive in the world?

I dare say that we belong to the narrow top in the world. We have a lot of quality players who are able to compete in the top tournaments in the world.


Who is your favorite hockey player in reality and in the virtual NHL?

Of the real ice-hockey players, I would definitely say Henrik Lundqvist and also Brandon Dubinsky, both former New Yorku Rangers players. In NHL it has to be Connor McDavid for me.