Lauty: Playing for Fnatic was incredible.


You've been playing Rocket League at esport level since 2015. How did you get into it in the first place? Do you remember when you first turned it on and why?

I got into Rocket League when I was watching Restt's stream when Rocket League newly came out. I was still playing football at the time, so I was close to the game in that regard. I turned on Rocket League for the first time in September 2015 when I had just started high school.


You've tried a lot of interesting foreign esport teams, which one was the most interesting for you and in what ways?

The most interesting for me was definitely my year at Fnatic, where I flew to England regularly for tournaments and got a taste of what it's like to play for such a big organization. The money, the attitude and everything that went into looking after the players was on a whole different level.


On the Czechoslovakian scene, you've played alongside Nalmon and Dave in recent years. You won basically all the tournaments and regularly beat DGG. Will the line-up of Lauty - Alty - Bloody also fight for the TOP 1 position in CZ/SK?

We definitely aim for a TOP 1 position on the domestic scene with our team. We have started to scrim regularly and with the upcoming RLCS there will be plenty of room to try out tournaments together and play as a team.


What do you think makes Rocket League unique compared to other games?

It's definitely unique in the mechanics. No other game has harder mechanics, and there's not that much difference in any other game as long as the player controls the game. And it has the added advantage of the game taking on average 6-7 minutes to play, which for me is much better than playing say 1 game of CS:GO which can take up to an hour.