Ketubor: We want to be TOP 1 CS:GO team in Australia.


You have quite a rich history of coaching other CS:GO teams and after a one-year break you returned to the scene in a DGG jersey. Why did you decide to make a comeback?

I think it was a question of time and a suitable offer. Of course Frozen and my fiancée played a big role in it too, it wouldn't have been possible without them. I could have had an interesting engagement in the EU, or rather in CZ/SK, but I live in Australia and I don't want to change that (laughs). DGG was the right choice. I think we will be able to build a team that will be TOP 1 in AU within 1-2 years. We also want to fight for every slot in the EU event (and there are not a few of them).


Our current players are all Australian. Why?

The season was already in process when I was contacted by DGG management. The original roster was supposed to be a bit more experienced "on paper". In the end we have a roster full of AU players who are keen to push themselves. Of course, time will tell how far we can move.


What are the ambitions of our CS:GO section?

We have several goals that we want to achieve and set ourselves up for what lies ahead. Over the past months we have shown that we can compete against the top 3 teams in AU and we believe that the second half of the season will be even better.


We have already played some tournaments, what do you consider to be your biggest success and what result was the biggest disappointment for you?

The biggest success has to be the ESL AU/NZ Championship - we almost had it against Order and I believe we could have beaten Vertex, but unfortunately it didn't happen. And the biggest failure in my eyes is definitely the LPL Pro League Season 10 final against Vertex, where we definitely should have done more than that.


How is the training with the players? What parts does it include and how long does it take?

We always try to vary the training according to the phase of the season. We prepare every day for a few hours, usually dedicating a part to theory/analysis and then of course the in-game practice follows.


If you were asked to give DGG fans one tip for improving in CS:GO, what would it be?

It's pretty simple, the more energy and time you put into the game, the better you will get at it, whether it is team or individual practice.