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Michal Csontos,



Michal "KETUBOR" Csontos - No one in the history of Czechoslovak Counter-Strike can be proud of what Michal 'KETUBOR' Csontoš has achieved. He became the Czech champion as both a coach and a player, but these are not his only career achievements. He first showed up at the MCR in 2007, so he has more than fifteen years of active work on the scene. The current CS:GO community will know him primarily as a coach, but he has played even for the Slovak team in his time as a player. In 2020, he move to Australia, where he immediately established himself as a top coach. However, he decided to quit coaching for personal reasons after leading SINNERS to the TOP 30. Now he is back and together with DGG Esports will surely fight for the best possible results!

Former teams - Neophyte, eXtatus, Universe, GUNRUNNERS, Paradox, Sinners + Head Coach for SVK national team