Alty: Lauty was the missing piece for us.


Our Rocket League section has had a busy weekend. You played RLCS Day 1 on Friday, on Saturday you played the Predator League Qualifier and also RLCS Day 2, and Monday was all about the Dell 2v2 tournament with Bloody. How do you rate our results and which tournament holds the most weight for you?

It was definitely a busy weekend for us, both in terms of results and gametime. We played the first day of RLCS as expected, as RLCS Day 2 was a clear goal for us. Saturday was a bit more challenging, but we still tried our best and I think that showed especially in the Predator Qualifier, where we were able to take the first place and secure Seed #1 for the Closed Qualifier. On Saturday night we played RLCS Day 2, which unfortunately ended in a loss in Lower Bracket... On Monday, Bloody and I played for fun a 2v2 Playzone tournament, since there wasn't much to do and our scrim got cancelled, but more important for us was definitely the RLCS and the Predator qualifiers.


How does working with Lauty, who's only been on our team for a few weeks, suit you?

It's really great with Lauty. You can rely on him and you know that he is someone who has been in the game for a long time and has achieved big things. I think he fit in great and I know we'll move forward together because he can tell you what to do better and what to change to bring the series to a winning end.


You and Bloody are now making YouTube videos together. What prompted you to do this?

Well, I'd say more like what "prompted" us to do it, since we wanna have the channel together and upload mostly as the duo of Alty and Bloody. I don't even know how it came about, one of us probably brought it up as a joke, and then one day we actually got around to it and the channel was born. We can turn on rankeds at any time and make a short video of it that people will be happy for, since Rocket League content is lacking here in the Czech Republic and Bloody and I try to make it fun while trying to win at the game. Also, a lot of people have written to me asking if we'd like to give it a go... I think the numbers speak volumes for the beginning :D


How often do you practice with Bloody and Lauty, and in what style?

We try to play as much as we can, whether it's ranked, scrims or tournaments... I would say everything is practice and even if we play to win, we can always take something away from it. If we're playing scrim, everyone is focusing on something they're improving at the moment, as is usually the case in esports.